cause i care..

Ya! Hidup ini hanya dan cuma ada dua pilihan. Putih atau Hitam. Haq atau Batil. Benar atau Salah. Baik atau Jahat. Syurga atau Neraka! takde tengah2. takde 'Jalan Kelabu. Korang sedar x ni? Sedar x????!! it's not a time for you to feel like you are in a comfort zone right now! please stop feeling like you only will live in this world. the world is just a 'stop-by' for you. like RNR before you reach your final destination. Malaysia, Egypt, London, etc is not your REAL world. but only a short journey for you to grab a chance while you live in this 'stop-by' to make sure that you will live well in the hereafter. Are you aware of this or not?? if you aware of this, so PLEASE STOP PLAYING! 'the dolls' like a little child. this life is not the end of your journey. soon you will die. maybe tomorrow, or maybe the next minute! are you really sure of this? are you really really sure that you will live peacefully and happily in the hereafter? already satisfied enough? i want to ask you, whats your life purpose? ooohh.. yes, i was born to become a doctor. a great and best cardiologist! OK! so i can see you are really ambitious person. WOW! you have a vision and mission in life! but you are a muslim right? so do you know what's muslim purpose are? Do you really think God had made you just because He wants you to become a GREAT CARDIOLOGIST? Do you clear enough about Islam? my dear friends, we as a muslim should know our REAL purpose. which are as 'abid and khalifah. i'm not telling you 'myhandmade-story' but it was written in your own story book!! the Quran! you can check it by yourself in the Quran from surah Az-Zariyat (51:56) and also from surah Al-Baqarah (2:30). please my friends, dont take Islam for granted! you should be grateful that you are a Muslim from the start. from the second you were born, you were born as a muslim. and you cannot be a 50% 50& muslim. you just take islam pieces by pieces. just pick the one you like and ignore others. once you are a muslim, you should be a TRUE one. not just take the one you feel like doing it and just leave the rest. be a 'full-time' muslim! as versus in Quran from surah Al-Baqarah (2:208)

$ygƒr'¯»tƒ šúïÏ%©!$# (#qãZtB#uä (#qè=äz÷Š$# Îû ÉOù=Åb¡9$# Zp©ù!$Ÿ2 Ÿwur (#qãèÎ6®Ks? ÅVºuqäÜäz Ç`»sÜø¤±9$# 4 ¼çm¯RÎ) öNà6s9 Arßtã ×ûüÎ7B ÇËÉÑÈ

Maksudnya : "Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Masuklah ke dalam Islam secara keseluruhan, dan janganlah kamu ikuti langkah-langkah setan. Sungguh, ia musuh yang nyata bagimu."

if before this, you actually know nothing about this, but now you do know your purpose! right? so, after you read this, please dont act like you know nothing. like you never read this. if you are trying to act like that please read this,

ôs)s9ur $tRù&usŒ zO¨YygyfÏ9 #ZŽÏWŸ2 šÆÏiB Çd`Ågø:$# ħRM}$#ur ( öNçlm; Ò>qè=è% žw šcqßgs)øÿtƒ $pkÍ5 öNçlm;ur ×ûãüôãr& žw tbrçŽÅÇö7ム$pkÍ5 öNçlm;ur ×b#sŒ#uä žw tbqãèuKó¡o !$pkÍ5 4 y7Í´¯»s9'ré& ÉO»yè÷RF{$%x. ö@t/ öNèd @|Êr& 4 y7Í´¯»s9'ré& ãNèd šcqè=Ïÿ»tóø9$# ÇÊÐÒÈ

Maksudnya : ''Dan sungguh, akan Kami isi neraka Jahanam banyak dari kalangan jin dan manusia. Mereka memiliki hati, tetapi tidak dipergunakannya untuk memahami (ayat-ayat Allah), dan mereka memiliki mata tetapi tidak dipergunakannya untuk melihat (tanda-tanda kekuasaan Allah), dan mereka mempunyai telinga (tetapi) tidak dipergunakannya untuk mendengarkan (ayat-ayat Allah). Mereka seperti haiwan ternak, bahkan lebih sesat lagi. mereka itulah orang-orang yang lengah." (Al- A'raf - 7:179)

and also this,

ö@è% bÎ) tb%x. öNä.ät!$t/#uä öNà2ät!$oYö/r&ur öNä3çRºuq÷zÎ)ur ö/ä3ã_ºurør&ur óOä3è?uŽÏ±tãur îAºuqøBr&ur $ydqßJçGøùuŽtIø%$# ×ot»pgÏBur tböqt±øƒrB $ydyŠ$|¡x. ß`Å3»|¡tBur !$ygtRöq|Êös? ¡=ymr& Nà6øs9Î) šÆÏiB «!$# ¾Ï&Î!qßuur 7Š$ygÅ_ur Îû ¾Ï&Î#Î7y (#qÝÁ­/uŽtIsù 4Ó®Lym šÎAù'tƒ ª!$# ¾Ín͐öDr'Î/ 3 ª!$#ur Ÿw Ïöku tPöqs)ø9$# šúüÉ)Å¡»xÿø9$# ÇËÍÈ

Maksudnya : Katakanlah, "Jika bapa-bapa kamu, dan anak-anak kamu, dan saudara-saudara kamu, isteri-isteri (atau suami-suami) kamu, kaum keluarga kamu, harta kekayaan yang kamu usahakan, perniagaan yang kamu bimbang akan kerugiannya, dan rumah-rumah tempat tinggal yang kamu sukai, (jika semuanya itu) yang kamu cintai lebih daripada Allah dan RasulNya dan (daripada) berjihad untuk agamaNya, maka tunggulah sehingga Allah mendatangkan keputusanNya (azab seksaNya), kerana Allah tidak akan memberi petunjuk kepada orang-orang yang fasik (derhaka)." - At-Taubah (9:24)

so, my dear muslim friends. I love all of you. you are my sisters and brothers in Islam. I really want to enter the jannah with all my muslim friends. I dont want to be in the hell because I didnt do my job as a muslim. and i cannot stand to see and hold my tears if seeing any of my friends enter the hell in the hereafter. I want all of us live happily and peacefully in the hereafter. so, let us be a 'full-time' muslim doctor! not just a fake one. be the natural dye muslim. not just from outside, but also from inside. ok? promise me, we are going to jannah together!

-just a little sharing from me. reminder for you and me. please remind me in case if i forgot-