hot chocolate for breakfast.

salam. last week, tried out 365 chocolate drink. hmm. not bad. since its hard to find bonjorno hot chocolate. i bought double pack of 365 drink. now, only one left. not that i like the chocolate, but just want to replace intake of caffein with chocolate drink. caffein is not good to be taken regularly right? so, i thought hot chocolate drink is better than hot tea. hihi. sorry tea. ;)

current mood : teringin nak buat choc cake lagi, tp xtaw bila....

oh ya, dear my readers (kalau ada), please pray for me and my friends ye. as we are going to sit for an ophthalmology round exam this 11th of January 2011. 111011 (mcm cantik plak tarikh kan?) hehe. hope we can do well in this coming exam. Rabbuna yusahhil. ^_^

last week, my family together with my mak tok and pak ndak went to Pulau Langkawi for holiday before the school start. I'm sure they'd bought lots and lots of chocolates! aaahhh. (drooling mode). tambah2, si dadad yang gilacokelat tu! oh oh, please save some for me k.. jangan habeskan! >.<''

see that face? haha

he's hugging the chocolates make me worry lots! huuuu...

eh eh, enough updates, going to class. buibui. wassalam.


eMan said...

eh eh same here.
ak pn minum 365 jgk.
ak xm end round 10th.
doa kt ak sama nah.
bogoshippdaa! :D

January 4, 2011 at 8:22 PM